Diamonds in the Dark Crepe Myrtles ... New to B&B

Diamonds in the Dark Crepe Myrtles ... New to B&B

Summer in Adelaide would not be as vibrant, nor as beautiful, without the stunning Crepe Myrtles which grace the gardens and footpaths of our city.   

Crepe Myrtles (Lagerstroemia) are a hardy, deciduous tree (or shrub in some cases), preferring full sun and good drainage.  They suit a small garden as a feature tree, and look fabulous planted in a cluster in a larger garden or as a hedge.  As they age Crepe Myrtles come into their own, with their bare trunks being shown to stunning effect over winter, followed by their vibrant summer flowers and autumn colour.  

We are so excited to see a new range of Crepe Myrtle available in South Australia.  The Diamonds in the Dark series of Crepe Myrtles have a deep purple leaf - in fact, it is almost black in colour,   As with all Crepe Myrtles, the black foliage is followed by a fabulous display of vibrant blooms in summer.    

The Diamonds in the Dark range  grows to approximately 3m in height x 2.5m wide, and like their green leaved cousins are perfect for a small garden, and for narrow garden beds.    Provided your pot is large enough, and your watering regime good, they will also be happy gracing your deck or courtyard.

Flowers in the Diamonds in the Dark series range from Pure White, to Blush, Crimson Red and even purple .... there is a colour to suit all tastes.

As with all trees, we recommend you dig a hole twice as wide as the pot, fill the hole with water several times, and then place your Crepe Myrtle gently into the hole, back-filling with dirt as you go.  Be sure to water your new tree well with Seasol (always apply at the recommended rate).  While Crepe Myrtle are hardy trees, the first two or three summers are critical in its establishment, so be sure to pay good attention to watering, mulching and fertilising your tree, and you will be rewarded with many seasons of beautiful colour and interest.    An all purpose fertiliser applied in Autumn and again in spring will give your tree the boost it needs.    

Some gardeners prefer to lift the canopy of the Crepe Myrtle so that they can better enjoy the colour and interest of the winter bark, others are happy to let the tree to form it's own canopy.  Don't be afraid though, to prune to shape and cut out any branches which rub on other branches.    Pruning is best undertaken in winter.  

If you would like more information on this new range speak, or to order a Diamonds in the Dark Crepe Myrtle for your garden speak with our garden staff next time you are in store.




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