Prune like a Pro by Keeping your Secateurs in good order

Pruning time is well and truly upon us now in Adelaide gardens.  Apart from a great pair of gloves, you will require a sturdy, sharp pair of secateurs to ensure you get the job done well.  

Keeping your secateurs sharp and in good order is super easy, and should see your snips giving you top quality performance year after year.  Here are a few tips we hope will help you get the most out of your garden.

ALWAYS clean your secateurs after use.  Warm soapy water and a cloth is all you need to remove gum and grime from your snips.  If you think you may have disease on your bushes or trees, it doesn't hurt to wipe over the cutting blades with bleach, meths or eucalyptus oil, finally spray a quality oil to lubricate your snips, and prevent them from rusting - an engine oil will usually do the trick.  Fastidious gardeners will wipe blades with bleach or meths between pruning each bush;  most gardeners though, will find cleaning at the end of each day is enough.  

KEEP your secateurs sharp.  Blunt secateurs will damage bushes, and cause more stress on your hands because they are harder to use.  Keeping your snips sharp will ensure good, clean cuts, and make your job easier. Here at B&B we offer a professional sharpening service.  You are welcome to drop your snips in to be sharpened, or simply purchase a diamond sharpener or sharpening stone and do it yourself at home.  Running a stone over your cutting blade every couple of hours if you are pruning all day, or at the end of each days pruning, is good practice.    Be sure to remove any burrs from the blades.

NEVER prune branches that are large enough to be cut with loppers or a pruning saw .... trying to use your pruners to cut large branches not only damages them, but also your plants.  Always use your pruners the way they were intended.  Most secateurs will comfortably cut 1.5cm  to 2.5cm branches.  As a guide, if it is difficult for you to cut, then you should be using your loppers or a pruning saw.

BUY the best quality secateurs you can afford.  Good quality secateurs should last you a life time, especially if you keep them in good order.  

FINALLY, be sure to keep your secateurs away from moisture and dampness.  My grandfather always wrapped his clean, dry snips in a cloth at the end of each day before he popped them in the garden shed.  It's not a bad practice, and should see you getting the absolute best from your secateurs.  

If you would like any advice about pruning your roses or fruit trees, or assistance in regard to caring for your secateurs, please speak with our qualified garden staff.  They will be very happy to assist.  

As always, happy pruning.